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First in Sight offers a full complement of Optometric services ranging from routine eye exams, contact lens fitting, and emergency care for pink eye and injuries. Our exams are very thorough, utilizing state of the art technology in the documentation of the health status of your eyes.

These baseline data points are so important because of the concept of “gray zone findings” where a particular presentation may not look absolutely normal, but still may not actually be an abnormal finding, unless it continues to change over time. If you don’t have a good reference to how something looks in the present, then it is very difficult to determine if it has changed into the future and potentially uncover a true problem even before it affects your vision.
We examine patients of all age groups from the very young to the most senior, and know just how to adjust the exam technique to set every patient at ease to allow for the best possible interaction between doctor and patient. What most patients really want is for their doctor to really listen to what they have to say about their problems. In fact most answers to the treatment plan needed to solve a problem are within the understanding of how it is described. When the doctor knows the right questions to ask, and the patient is comfortable to respond in the appropriate way, the results allow for the delivery of exceptional care in a pleasant and efficient manner.

Our commitment to quality and design

Whatever the economic cycle, consumers require value to feel good about the products that they purchase. So whether you are reaching for top shelf designer frames, or just taking care of a basic vision need, the perceived value of what you buy is a function of overall performance weighed against its financial impact regardless of the actual dollars spent. We are committed to offering products that provide peak performance for their intended use,at a cost that truly reflects its complexity in design and the craftsmanship of its production.
We have hundreds of frames in the latest trends and styles from dozens of designer collections and conventional manufacturers. They are offered in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors, made from all the materials available in metal, plastics, stainless steel, and the more exotic Beta-titanium. We have a design for your prescription that will give you the look you want, at a price that you will appreciate.
This same careful consideration applies to the ophthalmic lenses we use in the presentation of your prescription. This is important in order to maximize your vision potential and have it done in the most fashionable way for the look you want. We have access to many of the finest lens manufacturers in the world. We offer lenses made in each of the six plastic materials developed and can enhance them with any of the lens coatings and treatments available, such as tint, non-glare and super-hard scratch coats.
We will determine which technical design is the best balance between the function of the prescription need and fashion that you want, all within your budget demands. Choosing lenses is truly an area where one size does not fit all, and an expert opinion can prove invaluable in selecting the lens that works best for you. That way, you not only “see great through them”, “you look great in them”. We welcome you to come in and see the frames and lenses that we have to offer, you will not be disappointed.

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